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Mysteries of Life – Yogic Living Series Tour with Tyagaraja


Friday, September 23, 2016
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Investment: $35.00
yogaheadshotsmallA value added course, study, introspection and practice called “Yogic Living Series.” In this version of YLS we dive into what Sanskrit Wisdom has to offer regarding the most important philosophical questions of life: how did we get here? what is our purpose in life? and where do we go when we die? Good for 2 hours credit toward Advance Yoga Teacher Training NYTTC.
Yogic Living Series
The Mysteries of Life
Where we came from…
Why we are here…
and Where do we go when we die…

These fundamental questions of life is the quest of any seeker. Vedic Heritage and Sanskrit wisdom offerings the deeper understanding the the ancient mysteries of life. Through a “semi-story-telling” delivery the seeker is brought through the journey of life based on Sanskrit philosophy. The speaker has himself deep introspection on the subject and through artistic expression offers this study through the ancient aural tradition of Smrthi-Shruthi method. Deeper questions of life can only be studied in person and from within. The speaker’s aim is through this in person meditative experience, self discovery can be possible for the earnest seeker. Meditation, sasnkrit chanting and pranayama (breathe work) is offered at the beginning and ending of each session.

Why are we here?
The story beginning here… literally here… in the present. The most important part of the story, what to do now?


  • In depth descriptions of Karma Yoga “the path of service”
  • introspective/meditative, stories and analogies of proof of the so called “meaning of life.”
  • The Process of “Divinization” – not only living of service, going beyond that and offering that service to a “higher,” Divine Source.
  • Which types of service are the greatest in need and are the most mindful?

Where do we go when we die?


  • Sanskrit Based Meditation of “how the soul leaves the body.”
  • How to prepare for that divine moment.
  • Tying together, “purpose of life” with the “moment of ascension.”

Where did we come from?


  • Sanskrit Based Meditation of “how the soul entires the body.”
  • Light talk on Vedic Astrology.
  • Importance of past life actions.
  • Trajectory of the soul into the future.


Tyagaraja has thousands of hours certified experience in Deep Yogic Heritage and hails from authentic Vedic Tradition. With all the Yogic experience, Tyagaraja still manages being an Artist, Musician and Performer, a Permaculture Designer, and CEO of his conscious business “Sustainable Humane Earth.” Tyagaraja is certified and trained in multiple styles of yoga such as: Yoga Vinyasa Krama, Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Children ages 5-18, Hamsa Yoga Tradition of Swamahiman Himalayan Mountain Path Yoga, Sri Mathru Devi Vishwashanthi Ashram Trust Chakra Meditation Technique, 6 Major Pranayama (breathing techniques), Iyengar Yoga—Pranayama—Meditation, Ashtanga Yoga, Kriya Mantra, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and many styles of Meditation. Tyagaraja is also personally initiated by a rare Himalayan Monk and Sanskrit Scholar in the ancient Kriya Mantra Saadhana, and is a dedicated student of Sanskritic heritage.



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