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NEW CLASS: Beginner’s Yoga Series



NEW CLASS: Beginner’s Yoga, an 8 Week Series – Mondays at 5:30pm Jan 8th – Feb 26th

Are you new to yoga? Have you been around a while and want to perfect your form? Are you looking for a way to put a practice together for yourself? Then this is the class for you! Erin Johnston will guide this series specially designed to solidify your understanding of the practice.

Class 1 – Warm Up: Ujjayi Breath and Salutation Series

Class 2 – The Standing Poses

Class 3 – Balancing Sequence

Class 4 – The Forward Bend Sequence

Class 5 – The Back Bend Sequence

Class 6 – Inversion/Savasana

Class 7 – Pranayama/Meditation

Class 8 – The Complete Series

As part of the regular Tranquil Heart Yoga schedule, regular class studio fees apply.

Tranquil Heart Yoga

Our amazing instructors draw from many traditions including Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Thai Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and the yogic and meditation traditions of Tibet. With this vast knowledge of the yoga tradition and the intrinsic understanding of the human body, our instructors will guide you through a practice that is not only physically challenging, but also mentally stimulating and emotionally uplifting.

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Yoga For Every Body

Our dedication to help you become your best, spiritually, mentally and physically is what makes Tranquil Heart Yoga the premier Hatha Yoga studio of West Houston.

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