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Yoga Class Etiquette


Get the most out of your yoga experience here at Tranquil Heart

Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your yoga experience here at Tranquil Heart, as well as facilitating a great experience for all of those around you – your yoga friends and family.  One of the best ways to heighten your own practice is to help others heighten theirs!  So, practice grace and gentle respect for your yoga community.

Be On Time

Be on time. Try to arrive at least 5 minutes before the class starts. If you arrive after the class has already started please WAIT until the instructor gives permission to enter the room.  DO NOT enter the room once the class has already begun unless you have permission from the instructor.

Leave Belongings in Shoe Rack

Before entering the classroom, leave your shoes, socks and personal belongings in the shoe rack. If you absolutely must keep your shoes or socks on, let the instructor know the reason.  If you are uncomfortable leaving your purse/wallet in the lobby, feel free to take it in the studio, but please make sure that all electronic devises are set to silent.

No Cups Please

We highly recommend that you take water in the classroom but it needs to be in a container that has a screw top.  NO cups please.

Cell phones, pagers and beepers OFF

Turn cell phones, pagers and beepers OFF even if you do not take it into the classroom. Pagers and cell phones ringing during class can be very disruptive to you and everybody else. If you are on call put it on “manner mode.” If you must answer your call do not take it in the bathroom as your conversation can still be heard. Take your emergency call outside the building.

Avoid Talking to Others

If you have any questions concerning what is happening during the class, feel free to direct them to the instructor.  Avoid talking to others while the teacher is trying to explain or demonstrate a pose.  Personal questions should be reserved until the end of class.  If you disagree with something explained or demonstrated during the class, please feel free to discuss your viewpoint with the instructor after the class in a friendly, non-contemptuous manner.

During Relaxation & Savasana Do Not Disturb Others

DO NOT place your blocks, belts, blankets or any other props back on the rack in the middle of Relaxation, or Savasana. If you must use the restroom, do so before relaxation begins and not in the middle of it. If you need to leave early, do so before Relaxation/Meditation. As courtesy and respect to the instructor please notify him/her that you will be leaving early. Please avoid making into a habit leaving early since it is disrespectful to the teacher. Besides, you will not get the full benefits of the practice by missing out on the meditation time. Remember a yoga practice is more than just doing physical postures.

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Yoga For Every Body

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