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Yoga Instructor Spotlight Heidi Quintero

Heidi Quintero

What brought you to yoga?  Can you remember your first yoga class as a student?  

** My first instructor, Jenn Turner, introduced Yoga to our class at the conclusion of our kick box classes, and I hated it.  I thought it was such a waste of my time and would leave within 3 minutes of her starting.  One day she pulled me aside and asked me to stay for just 20 minutes…she said to really try it for 2 weeks and if i still didn’t like it, I never had to do it again.  I agreed, and within those two weeks I fell in love with how I felt afterwards.  I wasn’t leaving the gym exhausted, achy and actually felt renewed, more balanced, a sense of vitality and calmness I didn’t have in my life at the time.  My personal life was spiraling, and so much was out of my control.  I became addicted to how great I felt after each session and quickly started attending the Yoga classes, as many as i could fit into my schedule.  It completely changed my outlook on life.

What kinds of things can your students expect from one of your classes?

** Regardless of how they arrive, at the conclusion of class, they will feel better, calmer, stronger, open, more flexible and peaceful than when they walked into the door.  In the active yoga classes, they will feel challenged to their own abilities, but successful.   They will honor their body and learn to let go of expectations.

Hobbies/ Interests/ Fun Facts/ Etc.

** My passions include reading a real book, hiking and cycling outdoors through national state parks.  I love learning about life, practicing Wusu Kung Fu, Yang style Tai chi, yoga 🙂 exploring the mystery of Theoretical Quantum Physics, I love how my stomach feels while auto-racing, exploring mountain peaks and ocean shorelines, watching a good movie in the evenings with my husband is the best!  My favorite thing to do is just listening to thunderstorms and relaxing/ being in THAT moment.  I grew up in Germany, Switzerland and Austria for 12 years.   

Why did you become a yoga teacher?  

** I felt so passionate about what I had experienced personally,- this new way of feeling better, stronger, more flexible, affecting every aspect of my life more than I ever thought possible.  Learning anatomy and directional movements opened my eyes and gave a deeper purpose to this journey.  In the spirit of helping others to discover what fuels them, their own passions and perceived limitations, I was seeking to help them improve their quality of life from all angles.

Anything else you’d like to share?

** Completed my Bachelors in Science with highest honors from Springfield College Massachusetts and continuing my Masters degree from the same institution this fall in Mental health Counseling.

I am the mother of three wonderful kids and grandmother to one precious grand-daughter (and a second one due in September) at Camp Pendleton, California.  







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